Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fluffy Cats

Holly and Copper (I'm sure you can take a shot at who is who), they are adorable and I loves them.

Now since I am used to my roomies cats mine look huge because of their fur. Copper is a good few years younger then Holly and has always loved her. Holly hates everything, especially Copper. Holly likes to sit on laps, and Copper likes to sit on Holly, but she likes her lap too much to move and grumbles the whole time he's there.

Holly has a big boogey because her nose is perma broken. The vet did a lot of tests on her a few years ago (she got really sick and the vest had suggested euthanizing her) and stuck some tubes down her nose and throat, she got better but has had a runny nose since. Boogers everywhere.

I am one of those people who spends hours of time looking at cats on the internet :D

Saturday, January 26, 2013


This is my kitty Bailey. She passed away September and its been really weird without her. 

She's a short fat cat with a terrible meow. Of course very vocal, open a yoghurt or a cheese string, she'd be right there demanding some. At dinner she'd lean in and just tap your elbow for some food. She started doing that years ago and we thought it was adorable. She was also really strange about petting, she liked to be patted like a dog, or hit with a fly swatter. I miss my weirdo kitty.

I want to draw animals more. Sketching is haard with a tablet, I usually scan my drawings in, but I decided not to for this. I like it, it's simple. I'm probably going to draw all my cats . Pet caricatures?