Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Original non repetitive title here

More Caricatures. I started signing my name differently, kind of tired having to explain what my previous signature meant and it turned into a scribble pretty fast when I had people waiting. So keep it simple, its my name. These first three drawings were done about 2-3 weeks ago, the last few were in the last few days.

I like drawings groups a lot, I think I got the girls likeness pretty well, but in attempt to fit him on the page, the dad lost a bit. They were a pretty fun group to do though.

I did a yolo swag drawing a few days before this, and here is my first duckface drawing. She was well aware of how she was posing and said its a thing between her friends. I think this was a gift to her mom.

Babies. I found babies the most difficult to draw, now that I have a bit of a process I don't sweat so much now when I get a baby drawing. I actually like dong them a lot now.

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