Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It was a demo, I think, she had a funny shaped face.

 I am a petty person, I admit this. These two girls came up to me and said "If we don't like it, do we HAVE to buy it?" Then they proceeded to tell me that they both wanted dimples and "you know how a caricature is supposed to emphasize things, well can you emphasize these things" and listed a few features they wanted me to pretty-fy. When people do this I'm just kinda like "you know, the point of these is to look like you eh"

So I drew it, I kind of had some fun with it, and they ended up loving it. And well, I liked it better then most so it worked out both ways haha.

This was drawn last week.... I think, my days are mashing together.
These guys were cool, I liked the turnout of her moreso, could have done better with him. I'm really trying to give girls a more unique drawing with more likeness rather then just pretty facing them and basically just redrawing the same drawing. It is difficult.

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