Saturday, June 30, 2012

Start of the 2012 Season

Thought I should finally get to posting these, all these drawingsa are about a month old. I haven't really been taking pictures this year, but I'll try harder. I find it hard drawing women since most are so sensitive to anything. So unfortunately I'm getting into a cute style I can't seem to get out of, I'm trying, its hard

As for the one below, this was a demo he came back later on and bought, I think it's one of my favourite drawings this year. I've been doing a lot of demos during slow time, I got to learn to get the type of people that actually buy them, I usually try for kids and teens since they're easy to sit down haha. I use demos to try new things. This one was done a few days ago.
The other day I had 3 separate people come up to me and said I drew them this year because I was bored haha. I should stop using that excuse I guess :P

Last Life Drawings of my School Career

I am officially a grad. Yay. Now to find a real job. I like these two from my final portfolio, I like the scene ideas, gives them a  bit of life, and colours too, I can't find my box of colours so I just used a few randoms I bought recently

Friday, June 29, 2012

Anime North 2012

So I lucked out and got a table again this year. Unfortunately we were in a place that didn't get a lot of traffic so I got pretty bored at some points. The One Piece drawings were product of that, but they helped to get a few commissioners later on. This year I bought some keychains and did custom drawn keychains, I liked the idea, but I didn't have it displayed well enough to generate much interest, same with my keychains in general. Oh well, live and learn, I just hope My little Pony and Game of Thrones don't go out of style for next year :)

I got a few return customers this year, This one was for Sophie! This wasn't the finished one, I shaded it with markers, it was awesome that people remembered me!

Simca from Air Gear, the comissioner wanted something sexy ;) I like the turn out of this one a lot.