Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some Caricatures

Figure I'd upload my caricature progress.

This lady ended up returning the drawing, she liked everything but the lips, instead she asked me to draw her daughter :3

I really like how these two turned out.

I caught this little guy running around in my booth the other day.


  1. love your stuff! ur getting so good! im jealous!

    also, your blog looks gorgeous. did u make the layout urself o_O???

  2. I was surprised when I saw her drawing returned to you, she couldnt stop telling me how much she loved your stuff when she was there haha.

    Oh, and that groundhog is Fun Shoppes mascot. Hes always there. Saw him running all over the place today. The little dude is a little too accustomed to people now and doesnt care if you're a foot away from him.

  3. Mikki: Thanks :D naa, i found it on here, is pretty :D I gotta play around with it more.

    Matt: Haha, yeah, she was picky though, when I redid the drawing for her daughter she was going on about fixing her cheeks, and no highlights and such *shrug*
    He got into the chocolate the other day too lol

  4. I think your best one is of the girl and the guy, where the page is bent.

    I really like that one.
    You do know what this means right?

  5. Thanks, I really like that one too, that one prolly started my good day lul

  6. aaaaaaaaaa Dani you improved so much!!! Good job on these caricatures!! :)