Sunday, December 13, 2009

100 Hands

Life drawing project done throughout the semester... Though I prolly did 60 over the last week and a half :D Some are pretty fail, and some are ok, the pages aren't ordered caus I'm lazy, but theres the general date on em. The messier ones were near the end and timed for 5 minutes each and were posed by my fwends. We held hand parties lol. And actually.... theres 101 hands, teehee I did extra :B

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Character fix ups

My final designs for the characters in that last post. I knew he'd tear my drive thru lady up, but the baby stays mostly the same :3

Added some quick colour too, the colours not being marked, but he didn't mid if we gave them colour so yay. I havent coloured anything all semester.

And this a lil bit old, done for storyboarding as a preliminary. It was mega fun, we had 3 senerios to choose from (all very different). I love the turnout nwn.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fat bottomed.... girl?

Some sketches I just sent to my teacher for character design, stereotypes;

Isn't she nasty? Those are some extreme neck rolls.
Shes a drive thru lady... frog thing....
I wonder how she'll look at the end.

And over here, gangsta baby. Hes got a gangsta granny that he hangs with. His stroller isn't all blinged out yet.

My friend was wondering why I always draw fatty's... they're so fun! Though I had to do some fatty research, which was not very cool, bleh.