Thursday, October 22, 2009

That Animation thing

Hellooooo, I am a first year animation kid, and blogspots seem like the cool thing for all animation kids to have, so I now have one and will hopefully keeping up to date somewhat with it. Also to make it easier to follow some of my friends :3

So far so good at Seneca, not as intimidating as Sheridan, and we get super cool desks :D
And this is my Super cool desk! Almost all of my toys are on there, and a bunch of artbooks. My buddy Travis and I were having a war on who had a cooler desk, Hes got as much as me (maybe more, but some are smaller).

This week was bussssy. 3 large projects in the first 3 days, didnt do so well in life drawing, but I have the chance to make it up at least. My character sculptures turned out well though:

A guinea pig, rag doll and demonic crow. the ragdoll looks much cooler in person, Im really happy with how the three turned out, I might paint them when I get the time too.